Jason Wolf

Founder and Director
(773) 495-3238


Mr. Wolf is the founder and director of Pulse Beat Music. He has traveled extensively and has background in world music and traditional percussion. Mr. Wolf teaches all ages and specializes in music from West Africa, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and America. He is also the primary facilitator for workshops in businesses and community organizations. He has a M.S. in Marketing from DePaul and enjoys cooking, singing, cycling, and foreign languages.

Michael Tooles

Assistant Director
Instructor: General music, world music, drums
Mr. Tooles is the assistant director of Pulse beat Music, and an artist in residence at St. Therese and St. Barbara elementary schools where he teaches general music and runs the after school drumming programs. He has a background in Marching band, drum set and world music traditions. He graduated from University of Memphis where he played on the drum line. He enjoys traveling and playing in bands. 

Susie Lofton

Instructor: Choir, vocals, general music
Ms. Lofton is a lead instructor and an artist in residence St. Therese and St. Barbara elementary schools. She teaches general music and leads the choir and liturgical music programs. She has a background in vocal and choral music.


Linda Orlandi

Instructor: General music, piano, drums, movement
Ms. Orlandi is a lead instructor and the artist in residence at St. Daniel elementary school where she teaches general music and piano. She holds a percussion degree from Northern Illinois University and is a certified Orff instructor. She teaches piano lessons, and plays tympani in her church orchestra. She enjoys travel and Afro Cuban music and dance.


Christian Hughes

Instructor: Drums and percussion

Mr Hughes is an instructor and runs teh drum line program at Libby elementary. He is interested in music past and present and has given over 20 world premieres by living composers he has performed at Chicago Cultural Center, Symphony Center, and graduated from DePaul University in 2019. He enjoys running, reading literature and watching auto racing