About Us

At Pulse Beat Music we believe in the power of music to connect people. For us, it started with a djembe from West Africa, and grew into a love of music and traditions from all over the world. Music is unique. It speaks to all types of people and can benefit everyone.  We focus on interactive education, performances and workshops that highlight people’s ability to work together.

No great deeds get done alone and music is one of the best ways to see the potential people have when working together. Our performances, residencies, and workshops are available to schools, businesses, and communities. We are excited to help people achieve a common goal and experience the joy of playing music.

Music From Around The World

Music is practiced and enjoyed all around the world. Folk traditions are an expression of human experience and everyday life. Exploring global musical styles shows us how the building blocks of music are present in all styles of music no matter where they come from. Learning about traditions different from our own shows us how to understand our differences, in order to amplify our similarities.

Early Music Exposure

Music is a powerful tool for learning. It engages the brain and the body simultaneously in a way very few other activities can match. It gives us a path for both logic, and creative expression. It also hones our powers of awareness. Introducing music at an early age helps build skills in listening, critical thinking, social interaction and teamwork.

Collaboration and Inclusion

Music is the ultimate group activity. It provides a soundtrack for the things people are capable of when they work together. Every instrument, every voice plays a role. It is only through the collective efforts of a whole group that that the sound we hear can be made into music.