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Why Pulse Beat Music?

Our Vision is to bring music to everyone, regardless of their experience and resources. We see music and performance as a fundamental way that people connect with others and cultivate their creativity, community, and environment. The study of music can improve academic, social and emotional learning and create benefits that last a lifetime.

Our goal is to inspire students to value the arts, empower them to play, and to incorporate music into their lives. Pulse Beat Music teachers and performers bring a rich array of experiences to our curriculum, and each PBM teaching artist serves as a positive example for our students.

In our modern times, our human communities are often very disconnected. Engaging in music with other people brings us back in sync with the world around us.

As human beings we live in rhythm. It helps us synchronize our efforts towards our common goals


Residency programs are curriculum based music programs that meet during the school…

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PBM has its roots in world music. Beginning with the djembe from West Africa, PBM…

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Workshops are group format classes that offer an immersion into a particular style of…

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After School

After school enrichment programs are an opportunity for students to explore new…

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Become a PBM Instructor

Currently accepting applications.

At Pulse Beat Music our mission is to educate and connect people through music and culture. We are constantly expanding and diversifying our range of teaching artists.  If you are interested in starting your career as a PBM Instructor please click the link below and fill out the short form. We look forward to meeting you!


Global Music Exposure

Music is an essential part of cultures across the globe. We draw from the world's rich musical traditions, and take pride in providing an inclusive learning experience.


At Pulse Beat Music we foster an environment where all participants are actively learning and working together.

Fun & Healthy

Music is a fun and healthy way to improve your life. It is exciting, relieves stress, and can inspire joy.

Donate & Change a Life

Pulse Beat Music strives to keep the art of making music alive. If you are disposing of any musical instrument, please consider donating it to the PBM Fund. Our goal is to equip future musicians with an instruments to use.

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